Acoustic Africa

Every so often, an album comes along that reminds us why we are so moved by song: the melody, the rhythm, and the message. Putumayo has presented a variety of world music CDs, but African music has been the consistent heart and soul of its offerings. Putumayo World Music is pleased to present Acoustic Africa, a captivating collection showcasing some of Africa’s greatest singer-songwriters in beautifully stripped down displays of acoustic mastery. These artists are helping to spearhead an acoustic revolution in stark contrast to the studio-based, synthesized dance music that became the standard for African pop-stars of the 1980’s and 90’s. On Acoustic Africa, you’ll discover gentle folk songs from Senegal, a protest song from South Africa, blues-tinged ballads from Mali and much more.  
  1. Sore - Diogal
  2. Mindjer Doce Mel - Eneida Marta
  3. Misahotaka Ny Akama - Rajery
  4. Sedjedo - Angelique Kidjo
  5. Vusi Mahlasela - Basimanyana
  6. Bana - Faya Tess & Lokua Kanza
  7. Mauritania - Lay Sow
  8. Tradicao - Gabriela Mendes
  9. Baro - Habib Koite
  10. Palea - Dobet Gnahore
  11. Antonia - Manecas Costa
  12. Fanta Bourama - Djelimady Tounkara

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