Blues Party

It’s ironic that a style of music whose very name is the definition of sorrow and suffering can make you feel so good. The blues was born out of the African-American experience, which has been shaped by a history of oppression, discrimination and poverty. It’s no wonder, then, that the blues typically addresses the struggles of daily life, one in which being left by your lover and being broke are familiar themes. The tonal structure, singing style and lyrical content of traditional blues is the quintessential outlet for expressing deep, powerful and ultimately melancholy emotions.
  1. I Feel So Good - Lurrie Bell
  2. Dust My Broom - Albert King
  3. Down Home Blues - James Cotton, Junior Wells, Carey Bell and Billy Branch
  4. Would You, Baby - Johnny "Big Moose" Walker 
  5. I Have The Same Old Blues - Magic Sam
  6. Two-Fisted Mama - Katie Webster
  7. I Got My Mojo - Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
  8. I Wanna Know - Big Jack Johnson
  9. Albert's Groove #2 - Albert King
  10. I Don't Want Nobody - Fernest Arceneaux & His Louisiana French Band
  11. Have A Good Time - Big Walter Horton

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