Brazilian Beat

Samba soul, bossa grooves and tropicalia rhythms intertwine on this exhilarating Brazilian collection.

Glittering break beats are at home with bouncing berimbaus while rolling Afro-Brazilian rhythms, retro samba soul and velvety bossa nova vocals mesh and groove organically. This is the unstoppable Brazilian Beat.

Selected from tens of thousands of songs collected by the pioneering label created to introduce new global music to broad audiences, Brazilian Beat chronicles the vibrant indie scene in Brazil and around the world. Musicians are taking samba, bossa nova, and MPB (Brazilian popular music) and deftly incorporating electronica, soul, funk, and just about every other music imaginable.
  1. Karla Sabah - Mas Que Nada - (Brazil) 
  2. Brazilian Groove Band - Bananeira - (Brazil) 
  3. Marcos Valle - Partido Alto - (Brazil) 
  4. Bana Black Rio feat. Aleh - Deixa Estar - (Brazil) 
  5. Karla Sabah - Samba de Verao - (Brazil) 
  6. Fino Coletivo - A Coisa mais Linda do Mundo - (Brazil) 
  7. Mônica da Silva - Aí Então - (Brazil) 
  8. Tamy - Samba na Mão, Eu Tenho - (Brazil) 
  9. BungaLove - Minha Loucura - (Brazil) 
  10. Marcello - Anel de Saturno - (Brazil) 
  11. Tita Lima - A Conta do Samba - (Brazil)

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