Latin Party

Dance the night away with this spicy collection of boogaloo, salsa, cumbia and more.

The mesmerizing grooves and tantalizing rhythms of Latin music have been leading people to the dance floor for decades. Putumayo’s Latin Party is perhaps its most diverse Latin release yet. It includes a mix of boogaloo, funk, cumbia, son, salsa, ska and dancehall and spotlights cutting-edge bands and rising stars that pay homage to Latin music’s past while creatively moving it into the 21st century.
  1. Brooklyn Funk Essentials - "Big Apple Boogaloo" - (USA)
  2. Luis Mangual - "Son de Nueva York" - (USA)
  3. Yerba Buena - "Electric Boogaloo" - (USA)
  4. Mas Bajo - "Rico Montuno" - (France/Cuba)
  5. Cecilia Noel - "Asi Se Compone Un Son" - (Peru/USA)
  6. Coffee Makers - "Las Calles de Medellín" - (Colombia)
  7. Fruko y Orquesta - "Cumbia del Caribe" - (Colombia)
  8. A.B. Quintanilla III & Kumbia Kings featuring Ozomatli - "Mi Gente" - (USA/Mexico)
  9. The Quantic Soul Orchestra - "Regi Bugalú" - (UK/Colombia)
  10. Orquesta Lo Nuestro - "Ni Tilingo Ni Tilango" - (Colombia)
  11. Ska Cubano - "Yírí Yírí Bon" - (Cuba/Jamaica/UK)

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