Latin Playground

Putumayo invites children of all ages on a fun and educational musical journey through Latin America with Latin Playground, a collection of upbeat songs by well- known artists from Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and more. Putumayo's highly successful and critically acclaimed series of world music for kids has introduced children to world music from more than 20 countries and Latin Playground continues in the same tradition.

Latin Playground is a wonderful way to celebrate and discover the richness and beauty of Latin American music and culture. With songs selected to appeal to a wide variety of listeners, from toddlers to grown-ups, Latin Playground is a musical fiesta for all ages that you don't have to be a kid to enjoy.
  1. Omara Portuondo - Guantanamera - (Cuba) 
  2. Pink Martini - Anna - (United States) 
  3. Colibri - Cielito Lindo - (Chile) 
  4. Botafogo - El Reino del Revés - (Argentina) 
  5. Los 50 de Joselito - La Arana Picua - (Colombia) 
  6. Margarita Laso - Viva Vargas Torres - (Ecuador) 
  7. Ska Cubano - Chispa Tren - (Cuba) 
  8. Cubanismo - Mardi Gras Mambo - (Cuba) 
  9. Matato'a - Fusion Natural - (Chile)
  10. Lila Downs - Hanal Weech - (Mexico)
  11. José González y Banda Criolla - Bomba Le Le - (United States)

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