Louisiana Gumbo

Marshes and bayous mark the landscape in the Mississippi Delta. This humid, fecund setting has acted like a cultural petri dish, as African, Caribbean, French, and Spanish have fused and transformed into one of the most culturally rich and unique regions of the United States.Louisiana Gumbo focuses on the soul, R&B and blues that has served as a foundation for much of America's popular music today. This collection is called Louisiana Gumbo because this Creole stew is a perfect metaphor for the blend of musical elements found in the music of Louisiana.
  1. It's Your Voo Doo Working - Charles Sheffield
  2. Door Poppin' - Carol Fran
  3. African Gumbo - James Booker
  4. Ti Na Na - Clifton Chenier
  5. It Ain't the Same Thing - Johnny Adams
  6. Lead Me On - Lynn August
  7. Voodoo - The Neville Brothers
  8. Piano Roll - Eddie Bo
  9. I'm Coming Home - Rockin' Dopsie & the Zydeco Twisters
  10. Festis Believe in Justice - Rockie Charles
  11. Louisiana - Percy Mayfield
  12. Nine Pound Steel - Snooks Eaglin 

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