Vintage France

Step back in time with these beautiful and timeless French chansons by legends and contemporary artists.

Though echoing the past, Vintage France proves how alive and hip classic French chanson remains. Several generations of musicians continue to find inspiration in tunes that were first popularized in the early to mid-1900s. On Vintage France, sultry songstresses such as the iconic Juliette Gréco (singing the Belle Époque beauty “La Valse Brune”) and Madeleine Peyroux (with a cheeky renewal of Serge Gainsbourg’s “La Javanaise”) join newcomers Francesca Blanchard (“Sous le Ciel de Paris”) and Dutch jazz harmonica whiz Martijn Luttmer (“Les Parapluies de Cherbourg”). Old master Norbert Slama’s swinging “Nany,” is full of Gypsy jazz energy and retro warmth, and demonstrates the connection between Paris of the 1940s when Slama first performed, and the vibrant French music scene of today.
  1. Juliette Greco - La Valse Brune - (France) 
  2. Asier Etxeandia - J'attendrai - (Spain) 
  3. Madeleine Peyroux - La Javanaise - (United States) 
  4. Patrick Nugier - Jardin d' Hiver - (France) 
  5. Martijn Luttmer - Les Parapluies de Cherbourg - (Netherlands) 
  6. Daniel Roure - Les Baleines Bleues - (France) 
  7. Norbert Slama Trio - Nany - (France) 
  8. Francesca Blanchard - Sous le Ciel de Paris - (France) 
  9. Raphael Bas - Confessin' - (France) 
  10. Art Mengo and Lara Guirao - Je Me Fais des Idees - (France) 
  11. Jean Claude Laudat - Cloviswing - (France) 
  12. Philippe Gautier - Menilmontant - (France) 

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